Digital Customer Care

Cloud-based solution to manage the digital customer care & communication between organizations and clients through multiple channels (WhatsApp Business, Twitter, Web Chat, Email) .

Adaa Center

Ministry of Tourism




Riyada Business

Al Baha Emirate


Conventions & Exhibitions General Authority

Saudi Ports Authority

Saudi Irrigation Organization

Small & Medium Enterprises Bank

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Allow organizations to remove barriers & get closer to clients


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Experia Features

Experia Features There are more great features


Supports all possible languages


includes all the essential features with it


Compatible with all web browsers


Linking to internal and external systems


Hosting inside Saudi Arabia


Experia offers many solutions


Receive messages from multiple channels on a single system


Experia helps verify and configure a customer's WhatsApp channel


Sending and receiving the types of available surveys such as private and automated questionnaires, etc.


Experia can do the work for you by setting up intelligent responses to inquiries, sorting the contents of your messages, and more.

Use Case

Where to use Experia


In the areas of marketing, Experia can assist you in advertising campaign services in multiple channels included in the Experia platform.

Customer Service

Experia has great experience in connecting multiple channels of customer service and managing your channels through Experia with high efficiency and great features that save great efforts on customer service staff

Internal Comms

Experia is a great way for companies of all sizes and industries to stay connected. It’s easy, simple internal communication that can help your company become more efficient with its time

Why Experia

Each Entity try to enable ways for their clients to reach them easily ( and cost efficient of course) so that clients:

Promising Ecosystem

Experia rely on an innovative ecosystem to enrich the clients and partner's experience


Payment Processing Provider

Automating Client's Survey

Chatbot & Autoresponse

Diverse Communication Channels

Rich Multimedia

Execute Transaction

Access to Intermediaries' Value Added Services

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